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Want more information? Click on the following links and get more information on MIS initiatives in government. : offers white papers that discuss technology, product, issue, standard, policy, or solution - its importance, use and implementation, and business benefits. an online technology dictionary that offers information on IT terms and jargon. explains how the Center for Technology in Government helps government use technology; includes downloadable publications which will assist in creating an MIS.

Public Technology, Inc: a resource for public technologists to get information on developments in local government technology around the country. The Center for Democracy and Technology works to promote democratic values and constitutional liberties in the digital age. : The Digital Government Institute is an educational organization that produces business-case focused training for government executives, managers and policy makers considering purchasing or better implementing information technologies to improve their delivery of services.

Office of Intergovernmental Solutions : a Federal site helping to build a community of intergovernmental managers to identify, analyze, and help solve major issues affecting electronic governments in the 21st century.