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Requirement Phase

One of the less visible, but nonetheless important aspects of a good software engineering process is the requirement documentation and verification. The only way to ensure that a system satisfies its requirements is to develop and apply a mechanism to track requirement compliance from system inception through final delivery and system maintenance.

Requirements for the system are derived from the functional or operational specifications. They cover the total picture of what must be delivered; the “what,” not the “how.” (The “how” questions should be answered in the design document)

The Functional Specification focuses only on requirements that affect or drive our software development efforts. These specifications define the high-level requirements for all aspects of the system, including:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Security
  • Communications
  • Data Management
  • Operations

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A Functional Specification Document is written before developers start coding. In the requirement gathering phase the project manager states all the business requirements and rules after meeting with the end-users. This document is the reference document for all developers to translate business requirements into pseudo code.

Requirement Specification Document - Example1.doc

Requirement Specification Document - Example1.pdf

Requirement Specification Document - Example2.doc

Requirement Specification Document - Example2.pdf