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Analysis Phase

Design Phase

Requirement Phase

Development Phase

Integration and Testing Phase

Analysis Phase

The first step in creating an MIS is to write a Project Management Plan which outlines the nature of the proposed management information system, the personnel involved in the project, a time-line for development, the development approach, applicable standards, procedures, protocols for quality assurance, and configuration management plans. A Project Management Plan should include:

  • Scope and scale estimates
  • Project standards and tool
  • Schedule and budget
  • Integrating and testing plan
  • Delivery and Installation checkout plan

The Project Management Plan should characterize the current technology environment and describe how the new system will be incorporated into the courtís overall mission and/or the courtís pre-exising technology system. Among the questions the plan should answer are: How will the system help court staff do its job? What aspects of staffís work need to be addressed with respect to the system?

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If your MIS system will be worked on by an outside consulting firm or there will be a bid process for the work to be done, proposals are presented with accompanying budgets. The document below is a sample proposal, outlining the key areas that should be discussed when a project is being bid on. Generally, proposals should be business oriented rather than highly technical. The language should be tailored to the audience and proof that the bidder is qualified to do the work should also be discussed.



Budgets outline how to deploy fiscal resources. Once a project is underway, careful tracking of spending against the budget helps staff make informed strategic decisions. The design document for the drug court information system can serve as the basis for developing a budget.



The System and Operations Specification document describes the concept for the software system. The document includes the general vision and mission for the system, a list of typical users and usage concepts and scenarios. As a precursor to the Requirements Specification, this document provides customers and system designers with the opportunity to describe the objectives, environment, needs and expected benefits of developing the new system.

Sys Operations Concept Specification template.doc

Sys Operations Concept Specification template.pdf

The Project Plan is a tool used by project managers to monitor the progress of the project. It breaks down tasks into different phases or modules. A project plan clearly states the time frames, dependencies and resources allocated to each task and is updated as the project progresses.

Project Plan.mpp

Project Plan.pdf